Puffit Vaporizer Review

While I was searching for the best portable vaporizer to buy, I came across the Puffit Vaporizer, which had a weird shape like an inhaler. I guess this could be a good thing for those who are trying to HIDE the fact they are “smoking”, because who would bother someone trying to make themselves feel better in the middle of an asthma attack right? It was also the first handheld vape that I had bought, so it will also have a sort of sentimental feeling to it.

Anyway, It does have some pretty neat features which I will discuss with you on in my  Puffit Vaporizer review so keep reading.


Everything You Need to Know

Size-wise, the Puffit’s pretty good. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand, which means you can just
shove it in your jeans pocket or anywhere in your bag, if needed. It has a fast heating vaporization system
which allows the unit to heat up in as little as 30 seconds or less.

The Puffit Vaporizer’s has a total of 8 temperature settings, which are easy to figure out once you get to use it (if I could figure it out, you most certainly can).

It automatically shuts itself off once you stop using it which is pretty great because it means no puff will ever be wasted in this vape.

It comes with its own USB charger and charging it takes about an hour or two before it becomes fully
charged. It usually last around thirty cycles before you need to charge it again, making the charging process
convenient for those who always carry with them their laptops—but could be a complete bummer if you don’t have one, or aren’t near one because then you’d have to carry your laptop around with you just to make sure you get it charged right? That’s one of the bits about this that I didn’t like.

The Puffit has eight temperature levels, starting from 250° C as level 1, all the way to Level 8, which is 450° C.  It is constructed with gold-plated heating chambers, silicone heat shields, and mesh screens as cap covers to make sure heat is retained. The unit is capable of multiple temperature adjustments per second, but take care when placing it in the highest temperature because it could get REALLY hot.

Not to worry though, that’s what the silicone heat shield is for—just don’t even think about removing it (because you can) for your own safety. I made the mistake of forgetting to place it there one time, and I burned my finger. That wasn’t fun at all.

The Stir Tool that it comes with actually comes in pretty handy, as it lets you stir the chamber’s contents without having to remove the cap.

The Puffit vaporizer also comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s in the Box

• Puffit Unit
• Silicone Heat Shield
• 4 Replacement Screens
• Optional Stir Tool
• 3 Hygienic Mouthpieces
• Cleaning Tool
• Instruction Manual
• Neoprene Carrying Case
• USB Charger
• Warranty Information

The Puffit is actually much cheaper than the other vaporizers out there in the market. For $139 this baby could be yours. It’s got good strength and vapor, and for everything that it comes with, it’s not really that bad.

I got mine from a place called, VaporTownUSA - check them out.

Happy Vaping! 

P.S. I’m hoping to get my next review up shortly, the magic flight launch box review.